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      "Put to shore quickly," said Richard; "and let us see if those rebels will dare to appear in harness before their king!"

      Once upon a time, he said, there was a young lady of such a modest disposition that though she had a Sunday School and a boys class, and made a beautiful, beautiful, altar-clothOh, Helper, he broke off, we had your altar-cloth in use for the first time last Sunday, and you not there to see how smart it looked.{202}In the individual thus opportunely rescued, the reader will probably recognize Black Jack. He had been detected in a conspiracy, from which, had his character been already taintless, there would have been but little chance of escape. But as matters really stood, the slightest shadow of guilt would have been made to assume a form sufficiently tangible to convict him.

      "Master Oakley," replied the steward, with a grim smile which told he knew his man, "you have correctly surmised the business that brings Lord de Boteler's steward to the Mitreyou know the particulars of the affair?"

      "How d'you mean?"




      He then turned to the small householders and shop-keepers, dazzling them with visions of Gladstone's free breakfast tablehe even invited the more prominent ones to an untaxed breakfast in the Town Hall; whereat the Colonel, at Reuben's instigation, retaliated with a sumptuous dinner, which he said would be within the reach of every farmer when a moderate wheat-tax no longer forced him to undersell his harvests.