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      He carried his camp-kettle back to the house, set it down, and making some excuse, set off for the Sutler's shop.

      "Jeff Hackberry, I want you to make that wife o' your'n mind her own bisness, and let other people's alone. You and her've got quite enough to do to tend to your honeymoon, without mixing into things that don't concern you. Take her back to bed and keep her there."

      "It looks," continued Si, "as if they'd got news of the train and slipped out here to take it away from us. They may attack it at any minute after we start agin. Now, we mustn't let 'em git it. It's too valuable to the Government to lose and too valuable to them to git. We mustn't let 'em have it, I tell you. Now, I want you to load your guns carefully, handle 'em very carefully after they are loaded, git back in the cars, stop skylarkin', keep very quiet, listen for orders, and when you git 'em, obey 'em to the letterno more, no less."

      E. C. BOWERSOX."Mr. Klegg, when I want your help in courtin' a lady I'll let you know," said Shorty with dignity. Si went back to the tent to see about getting the coffee, and Shorty approached Mrs. Bolster with an engaging expression on his countenance. She was knocking the ashes out of her pipe.


      "Silence in the ranks," commanded Shorty, snappishly. "Don't fool around. Git into your place and stay there. We want breakfast some time today."


      "One consolation," said Si; "we won't have to march on this peck. The Adjutant's just passed the word that we're to rest here a day or two.""Leave him with us, then. We'll turn him back to you all right, and the old woman and the 'Squire, too, if you want 'em."


      The old man shaded his eyes with his hand, and looked earnestly at the long line of men winding up the mountain-side.